Hey, it's me, Marlee - thanks for stopping by. I'm an Interior Designer based in the Atlanta area, and I work for Staach Inc. which is a multidisciplinary team of designers and makers headquartered in Rochester, NY. Because we're a small crew, I play different roles depending on the project which is good because I like change. I also like knowing that my perspective and efforts are needed in various ways; this sense of purpose is what drew me to design in the first place. I started my education and career in chemical engineering, and I ended up shifting to design because it's something I knew I had enough passion about to do impactful work.
Though I've changed my professional direction, I think my interest in reactions stayed the same. I love to imagine people in the spaces I design and how their different personalities will be affected by and respond to the designs. This concept also motivates me to push myself and the institutions around me to be better. Because I know how powerful smart design can be, I am empowered by the idea of empowering others. I use my designs as a platform make people feel seen and heard while exercising the best sustainability practices that I know. I recently became a LEED green associate, and I'm pumped up knowing that I'm becoming better equipped to positively impact our climate crisis.
When I'm not designing things, I'm playing with my dog, Bo, or daydreaming. 
“Even if we start a composition, we are tuning in you might say, rather than starting."
- Bruce Goff
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